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The virtual world is very dangerous for many of us. Every time you use internet technology you leave behind some of your information and details which can be misused by the internet to promote products and to steal your other crucial details without your consent. ABC is the online health related website that delivers quality information about health supplements and keep the privacy of its users safe and protected from intruders. SupplementMegaStore.Net website follows a strict privacy policy to keep the information of its users safe and intact.

The privacy of the users are kept safe because it is not only crucial for the users itself, but also essential for the website also. So, in order to ensure proper safety of the privacy Supplement Mega Store website places a proper security to protect the privacy of their users which is good not only for the customers, but also for the company to excel and build trust. However, the privacy policy of the website tends to change with or without prior notice and a mail regarding the same will be sent to the customers for update. It is the liability of each customer to read the privacy policy of the website prior to using it and stay updated about the policies before using the website.

Information Collected!

While using the website of Supplement Mega Store, many people may get worried about their privacy because there are some products in the website that are only for personal use. While using the website you can scroll down to access the product thoroughly without worrying about your privacy as it will be kept intact and safe. Some of the information and details are collected by the website regarding your interest for the supplement. This information is mainly used for providing the users with best services and products according to their need. So, a variety of online tools are used in the website to help understand the customers well and provide them services accordingly. Some of the supplements are in high demand and the website ensures to keep the supplement available and ready for supply and for this they collect information to make the purchasing process easier and faster.

The information that is collected through the website are stored and use only for the safety and ease of the users. The focus of information collection is to provide best services to the customers.

Is Cookies are Used?

Yes, the website of Supplement Mega Store do use cookies to collect the information from the users. The company also provides you with the option to disable the cookies and browse the website safely and it completely depends on the customer whether or not they want to share their personal information. Cookies used in the website are not only for collecting information, but also for monitoring the behaviour of the customers on the website. The information collected on the website can also be customized on demand of the customers. The customization will be done and customers will be updated about the same on their registered email.